Sunday, 20 June 2010

Butterfly's new trick

I was hailed to the kitchen by Hubby this morning to see Butterfly the squirrel performing a new feat.  Not content with taking the top off my squirrelproof feeders and sticking his head down them he had now managed to climb inside the squirrelproof cage and had been having a good go at my new improved so-called squirrelproof feeder.  Upon spotting Hairy Hubby at the back door he panicked and could not find his way out.  When I got there he was zooming round and round inside the cage part in a right tizz.  It was quite amazing how he could bend his little body so tightly to get around the tube, if I had not been so cross with him I would have been impressed.  After a few laps of the feeder he managed to wriggle out of the bars and ran off into the wood.  I resisted the temptation to shout 'serves you right' after his bouncing little tail! 

I checked the damage and found that he had just about chewed right through one of the green plastic feeder opening things.  It's just as well I got it for £3.99 locally rather than the RSPB version at £22.  So it looks like we have solved the mystery, it wasn't The Rodent after all but that little devil Butterfly.  New tactics are required methinks!

Action Dog smiling her gappy smile at Butterfly's antics!

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  1. PMSL one up to Butterfly me thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!