Monday, 14 April 2014

They are all mad!

They are all mad, the whole lot of them.  This morning I let them all out.  Faith wasn't impressed at having slept in the broody house.  The dummy egg I gave her was cold so she obviously didn't get the right idea.  She stomped and stormed about the run until I took pity on her and opened the gate to let her out.  She didn't come out but Nerys came from behind me, barged in there and went marching up the ramp, into the house and onto the nest box.  Faith was a bit put out by this behaviour and followed her in to tell her off.  I had hoped the altercation would give Faith the right idea but no they just had a stand off and eventually I gave in and let them both out. 

Meanwhile in No2 house Lucy and Nancy were having a tussel over the green Asda basket.  They were last seen sharing it, neither looking very impressed.  Blue must have had a ding dong with someone in the shed over the cat basket because I found it on the floor upside down and Blue was the last one seen with it.  Good job Faith was otherwise occupied with Nerys because the cat basket is her designated broody spot!

All this before 9am!

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